Where To Eat In Coimbra- Best Places To Experience Portuguese Cuisine

Coimbra, the medieval capital of Portugal, encompasses nearly the same characters in cuisine as the rest of Portugal. Portuguese cuisine is influenced by the lands around the Mediterranean sea. Portuguese cuisine is famous for the fresh and delicious seafood and also for the wide variety of spices. These spices include Piri-Piri, garlic, cinnamon, saffron and fresh herbs. Some traditional Portuguese meals are, for example, Bacalhau, Alentejano pork, Caldo Verde or famous sweet Pastel de nata. However, cuisine in Coimbra also has some local twists. In this area is the famous Leitão-roasted piglet, Chanfana or sweets such as Arrufadas Coimbra and Pastel de St. Clara. Read this list for the best places to eat in Coimbra! Read more

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